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Educational Platform: Amputee Rehabilitation and Limb Prosthetics

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Baza Znan

For those who work in the field of prosthetics/rehabilitation and for those who want to help their loved ones and friends who lost limbs.


  • Andrii Novosad
    Andrii Novosad

    Physical therapist. Rehabilitation of patients Show more

  • Iryna Tkach
    Iryna Tkach

    Certified prosthetist engineer, orthotist of the first category Show more

  • Maryna Mykhailovska
    Maryna Mykhailovska

    Physical therapist Show more

  • Nataliia Myla
    Nataliia Myla

    Physical rehabilitologist Show more

  • Oksana Lytvynenko Protez Hub
    Oksana Lytvynenko

    Leading specialist in upper limb prosthetics Show more

  • Oleksandr Herasymenko
    Oleksandr Herasymenko

    Physical rehabilitologist, prosthetist/orthotist Show more

  • Oleksandr Kovalchuk
    Oleksandr Kovalchuk

    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Head of the Anatomy Department Show more

  • Oleksandr Popenko
    Oleksandr Popenko

    Prosthetist engineer-technologist in the prosthetic-orthopedic field Show more

  • Oleksandr Shvetsov
    Oleksandr Shvetsov

    Veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian War Show more

  • Oleksandr Stetsenko
    Oleksandr Stetsenko

    Prosthetist engineer, certified prosthetist/orthotist Show more

  • Oleksandr Zubets
    Oleksandr Zubets

    Orthopedics traumatologist of the highest category. Doctor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Show more

  • Olha Shchehliuk
    Olha Shchehliuk

    Neurologist, rehabilitologist Show more

  • Roman Lyndov
    Roman Lyndov

    Successful businessman and athlete Show more

  • Serhii Lytvynenko
    Serhii Lytvynenko

    Physical rehabilitation specialist Show more

  • Serhii Titarenko Protez Hub
    Serhii Titarenko

    Veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Major. Show more

  • Yuliia Dovhan
    Yuliia Dovhan

    Occupational therapist of the rehabilitation department Show more